An Announcement, Some Gratitude, and a Commitment From Model B: The Digital Agency With Lofty Goals

Ashtan Moore / March 13, 2020

It feels like only yesterday we were a four-person shop in a WeWork, hustling to deliver on our clients’ next project. We were a new digital agency with a lot of passion and some lofty goals. A few years later, we have two offices and twenty-some people on our team who are some of the best talents in the business. We work for our towns and cities, some of the most renowned NGOs, and run advertising campaigns for some of the world’s largest media buyers.

But our growth isn’t what brings top talent to us. Instead, it’s our deep commitment to helping those willing to push, and win, in their pursuit of the American dream. And it’s with deep gratitude that I can say: that message has brought our latest hire, Maria Meadows, to join our executive team. Maria comes from one of the largest most renowned media organizations in the world (more at our press release).

I want to express my appreciation for every ounce of time that our staff has spent building Model B, from intern to partner. For every project a client trusted us with, every dollar of media buys put into our care, every partner that has opened doors for us and worked together with us. Thank you so much.

Our commitment? That one is easy. We promise never to stop believing in the American Dream – your American dream – and bringing that dream a little closer to reality for anyone who is a part of our ecosystem. We won’t just continue to invest in growth, research, and development — we will also invest in the growth of the individuals who we interact with, whether they’re staff, clients, or partners.

We’re so thankful to be here building great things with you.

Now get back to work – dreams are built with grit, gumption, moxie, sweat, and smarts.

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