How Should A Sales Team Approach A Small Client?

Janet Waring / July 19, 2019

Our very own Vice President, Janet Waring, contributed to the Expert Panel of Forbes Business Development Council on “How Should A Sales Team Approach a Small Client”.

“With many small companies, decision makers are wearing multiple hats. Listening and helping them identify the problem they are actually trying to solve for, before offering your solution, builds trust. This also develops a long-term relationship as you continue to be a trusted adviser because you listen rather than try to “sell. Having been in Business Development for over 30 years, I can tell you from experience that trust, legitimately earned, is the one of the most important factors in long term success. It brings about relationships and referrals that stand the test of time.” – Janet Waring, VP Model B

View the article for more great insights from other Business Development Experts.

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