The advertising command center that gives you an undeniable competitive advantage.

Move beyond “cross-channel” to seamlessly optimize your audiences and content in real-time, across advertising platforms.

Why major organizations trust Model B to pinpoint their challenge and overdeliver on their success.

The process of advertising optimization is uniquely complicated. Consolidating and understanding the disparate data produced by each platform becomes overwhelming.

Most importantly, pinpointing where and how to move funds across your advertising requires a depth of experience in data science and analytics.

Blueprint was created to drastically simplify and remove the pain points from this process. Its purpose is to ensure that great advertising can be done – and understood – by everyone.

Blueprint is a marketer’s easy button.

Blueprint informs marketers on how to produce their best possible advertising results.

By evaluating how each ad is performing across the platforms, Blueprint pinpoints what is working, what isn’t working, and what adjustments would help you to get more. More efficiency, more results, more success. Blueprint’s cookie-less environment integrates with all major ad platforms to normalize thousands of data points across your creative, targeted audiences, and messaging. By rapidly identifying winners and losers, Blueprint accomplishes the main objective of advertising: to get you to the lowest possible cost per result.

Most importantly, Blueprint doesn’t require a degree in data science to help you achieve amazing results.

It’s designed to help clients of varying levels of advertising, data and analysis expertise understand the current state of their campaign in a snapshot. It does this by consolidating all the result data into simple, understandable charts and graphs.

To continue achieving great results, we embrace continual optimization and refinement.

Slow and steady doesn’t win races in the digital advertising world. Speedy and nimble does.

Producing the results you want requires consistent, diligent actions to ensure your messaging reaches the right audiences while steadily decreasing the cost per result.

Naturally, a more complex campaign (the more ads you have in market, the more platforms you’re using), calls for more agile and quick-moving optimization.

Blueprint gets smarter with every dollar.

The more you spend, the better Blueprint can direct your attention to what needs to change.

You’ll see how accuracy will increase and refine over time as the volume of your advertising data grows. The beauty of our technology is its ability to pinpoint the most effective use of our advertising spend for your specific goals, and over time your results will be delivered at lower and lower costs.

To learn more or to see it in action, ask us for a walk through.

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