How many leads is too many leads?

Our four-step process leverages our core experience in strategy, creative, advertising and development. We build a beautiful, effective digital property for you that is designed to achieve your lead capture needs, then drive traffic using digital marketing tactics. Concise, regular reporting affirms our strategy and ensures campaign success.

Step 1: Discover

Our team works with your team to create a digital action plan built on your specific lead generation needs.

Step 2: Build

We build a beautiful and engaging website to act as the capture point for your leads.

Step 3: Capture

Using carefully crafted and customer-specific advertising and platform strategies, we drive interested consumers to your website.

Step 4: Report

We package results and offers insights into how the lead generation process is performing in an understandable, actionable report.

Model B’s lead generation 
engine funnels dollars and 
creates actionable insights
to grow your business.

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