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Success in OmniChannel Digital Advertising
Abtin Buergari

Measuring the Success of your OmniChannel Digital Advertising Efforts – Necessary Technologies and Expertise

Demystify how to measure success and create a successful advertising environment.
Abtin Buergari

How to Use OmniChannel Digital Advertising and Making it Affordable

You want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to win, and doing so requires focusing the majority of your budget on actually serving your ads to your targeted audiences.
Abtin Buergari

What is OmniChannel Digital Advertising & Why it is Important to Your Association/Non-profit

Unlike historic advertising mechanisms, digital advertising does not rely on guesswork, and audience-estimations.
Ashtan Moore

Building Blocks Episode 2: Event Wrap Up

I recently had the pleasure of having Todd Unger, the Chief Experience Officer of the American Medical Association, on our event series called Building Blocks.
Abtin Buergari

Cross-Platform Targeting: The Accelerant for Your Advertising

Cross-platform marketing is not about either/or, but rather about taking advantage of all the platforms that have the potential to reach existing and new clients.
Abtin Buergari

The Importance of Social Media for Building Your Buyer Personas

Social media is one of the greatest buyer persona development tools. It gives a highly detailed picture of the audiences we seek to target.
Abtin Buergari

Developing Meaningful Objectives

Because the sea of available marketing metrics is so vast, marketing executives are often swimming endlessly trying to determine what information is relevant when measuring the success of their advertising.
Jeff Knowles

Multi-Touch Attribution: Why We Shouldn’t Tunnel in on One Attribution Model

Are your digital platforms measuring results across devices, and aggregating users’ data correctly? The answer is sometimes.
Janet Waring

Thirteen Quick Tips to Turn Uninterested Prospects into Clients

Enjoy this quick read featuring tips from from industry experts on the Forbes Development Council including, Janet Waring, one of our VPs here at Model B.

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