Model B lands in NYC

Ashtan Moore / November 26, 2019

“Signed, sealed, delivered” – we’re yoursNew York. 

Model B has officially opened our New York City office. Not only are we now in Manhattan, but we’re proud to say that we have a NYC veteran running the office, our new Director, Guy Garizio 

Guy is a very welcomed addition to our staff, and not just because he’s a native New Yorker (although that’s definitely a plus). He brings decades of experience launching fresh brands, revitalizing existing ones, and being a key person in helping businesses win (yes Guy, we said decades – sorry not sorry for aging you). 

Because of Guy’s knowledge of the marketing industry and great instincts, he’s aided Fortune 100 companies, like American Express, in reaching their most ideal, yet most difficult-to-reach customers. He’s also assisted organizations like House Party, Remedy, and McMahon Group in creating highly-engaging digital platforms, which helped these businesses become modern-day examples of success in their given industries. With a resume like his, we couldn’t be more excited to do business with New York-area clients.  

If we’re allowed a moment for a humblebrag, we have to talk about how the opening of this new office is the cherry on top for a very successful year for our company. From signing major clients such as the National Council for Behavioral Healthand the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, to achieving advertising results for our clients that exceed expectationsto deepening our creative toolkitModel B has done some wonderful things. We are proud to have rapidly established ourselves as a trusted digital partner across various industries. It’s a testament to the talent the company has hired, and proof that our research and development initiatives are working.  

Looking back to 2016, when the other cofounders and I started this business, we were a group of executives from diverse technology, marketing, and finance industries wanting to make a huge splash in the marketing world. Three years ago, we sought to give clients an unfair advantage in the digital space, and now we are doing that. We look forward to this next chapter in Model B’s story as we take our talents to Manhattan 

For more information on our business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to share with you.  

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