Unlock Your Organization’s Digital Advertising Potential.

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Drive More Results for your NGO

Learn how to incorporate OmniChannel digital advertising into your organizations program affordably, and how it will dramatically increase your advertising results while focusing on two key metrics: Result Rate and Cost Per Result.


Omni-Channel digital advertising simply means using the digital advertising platforms and tools in concert with one another and normalizing their metrics to visualize where your advertising processes need improvement.”

Abtin Beurgari
Technologist & OmniChannel Expert
Co-Founder & Partner, Model B


Our association has been working with Model B for over 4 years. Their strategy and sophistication on reporting and optimization ensures our engagement numbers are off the charts, putting us in a position to win big on priority issues.”

Erica Klinger
Senior Director Marketing,
The Association for Accessible Medicines

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This whitepaper defines OmniChannel digital advertising and explains why it’s critical to your campaigns. It also shares how to best use the channels in relation to each other and explains what a great data management and result measuring program should look like.

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