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Case study of a grassroots campaign and association advertising that Model B has done for the Association for Accessible Medicines

How the Right Digital Advertising Strategy Can Help Launch Your Rebrand

Today more than ever before, society has developed a dependent relationship with the tech world and digital space.

Billions of people around the globe use their laptops and smartphones on a daily basis to log into various search engines and social platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter. As a result, it becomes imperative for businesses or advocates seeking to widen their influence among their audiences to have well-targeted digital advertising strategies. While traditional advertising strategies aren’t ineffective, they certainly don’t provide direct attribution data.

Introducing the Association for Accessible Medicines

The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) is an organization dedicated to improving the “access to safe, quality, and effective medicine.” AAM has been a proponent for millions of Americans needing to gain access to affordable and effective generic and biosimilar medications. Through a number of advocacy efforts, the organization has helped these individuals live longer and healthier lives because they now have access to medications that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Before the company officially became AAM in 2017, it was recognized as the former brand The Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA). As the ink dried on the artistic reinvention of their brand to AAM, AAM’s execs were looking to gain a much broader audience. They wanted to make a bold statement about who they had become, and wanted to widen the scope of the organization’s influence and support.

Enters Model B

Once AAM recognized its need to advertise the company’s rebrand, the organization’s leadership hired us. AAM had a new website and created a presence across a few social media platforms, but still needed assistance broadening the reach of the newly created AAM. We were tasked with achieving two goals:

  1. Promoting awareness of the generics and biosimilars industries in the United States
  2. Educating the public on the role that generics and biosimilars producers play in helping to provide access to safe and affordable medications for people that need them

Our digital advertising strategy for the rebranding project called for a ‘revolution, not an evolution’ of the previous GPhA brand and this was especially evident in our advocacy approach – where we launched AAM’s first-ever digital grassroots campaigns in conjunction with the sophisticated digital marketing strategies we established. The objective: to amplify AAM’s advocacy messages, and spark consumer engagement with lawmakers.

Ad Examples

Additionally, after aggressively testing multiple creative variations using targeted ads, via interest and location information, we determined the most effective conversion rate derived from experience and targeting that included two key components. First, we used remarketing to put targeted ads in front of people that had previously engaged with AAM content (website or social media). Secondly, we implemented direct Facebook integration with its grassroots platform. This integration streamlined the user experience by decreasing the number of clicks to take the requested action, and allowed the user to subscribe to the Association’s advocacy mailing lists without leaving Facebook. Once the user clicked on the ad, a form popped up with their information already pre-populated. The user was then just one click away from being sent to the AAM advocate database.

The Approach

In our efforts to raise the profile of AAM, we worked with the AAM team to launch Facebook lead generation campaigns to build a grassroots base with advocates in bellwether states. The messaging was kept simple yet powerful, and we used AAM infographics along with our customized images to convey the urgency and relevance of the AAM mission.

Case study of a grassroots campaign and association advertising that Model B has done for the Association for Accessible Medicines
Growth in Engagement

The Effectiveness of Our Approach

In correlation with our digital advertising strategy, AAM’s Facebook following has grown from 1,200 to more than 50,000 engaged followers. Additionally, the organization’s database has swelled to more than 7,000 passionate citizens who have sent over 17,000 emails to their elected representatives on a variety of issues relating to generics and biosimilars legislation in the United States.

We should also note, following three months of the campaign, more than 600 new advocates were acquired, and we managed to get AAM’s cost of acquisition down from $57.48 to $4.28 – a drop to 1/10 of the prior cost of acquisition. In addition, the infographic was viewed/downloaded over 435,000 times and there were over 4,000 messages/comments/interactions on our social posts.

These accomplishments and metrics have strengthened the Association’s governance, enhanced its reputation, heightened the profile of the generic and biosimilar industry, and paved the way for significant progress.

Case studies of grassroots campaigns and association advertising Model B has done for aam.

Looking Forward

As we continue working with AAM, we’re excited to see the organization on trend to continue its growing influence and support in the foreseeable future. Should you be looking to focus your advertising efforts and need help from experts, make sure you contact us. Our tried-and-tested methodology helps us to help you better understand your audiences, get their attention, and prompt them to take action.

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