The Importance of Social Media for Building Your Buyer Personas

Abtin Buergari / January 30, 2020

Social media is so much more than selfies, likes, and DMs. It’s also more than just platforms where marketers place ads.

Social media is one of the greatest buyer persona development tools. It gives a highly detailed picture of the audiences you seek to target.

Buyer personas are generalized biographies of your key audience members. They give insight into the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral makeup of potential clients. Information like this will help you to know how to frame your messaging, what imagery to utilize in ads, and the probable steps these potential clients will take in making up their minds about your brand.

Take, for example, the following buyer persona for a DC area hospital. The hospital is operating with a limited budget and seeking donations.

An infographic of a social media persona

This persona gives the hospital an idea about who a potential donor is, what motivates her to donate, when she is able to donate, and how the hospital can frame its messaging and where to place it in an attempt to elicit a donation.

Facebook is a treasure trove of information when creating a persona like this. Because Facebook Insights gives you all sorts of data on the people interacting with your company’s content, you can rapidly assess the patterns among your audiences.

The moment someone interacts with your organization’s content on Facebook, Facebook segments these individuals and shows you critical data on the overlap of their four key characteristics (demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes). Facebook can tell organizations the content users like, their locations, their types of purchases, their interests, their age, their gender, and more. This is all information that helps companies know the individuals they hope to convert.

LinkedIn is another powerful tool for shaping your buyer personas. This platform picks up where Facebook leaves off. It focuses on your audiences’ professional characteristics. Twitter rests somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn audience data. Because many people mix their professional and personal lives on Twitter, the audience data gathered during analysis of Twitter can either strengthen the assumptions about your personas or greatly weaken them. But you get great insight on their psychographic interests, which are not as readily available through Facebook.

If performing audience research on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to develop personas seems complex and difficult, lean on us to help you. We’ve got an expert team of advertisers that do this for a living.

Our sophisticated processes and software allow us to gather audience data across your social media platforms with ease and accuracy. When combined with our ability to isolate “on-trend” topics through social listening, we create a holistic picture of your audiences so you can tune in your advertising.

For more information, give us a shout. We’d love to help.

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