Featured Image Inventing a Better Way Introducing the Partner Collective

Inventing a Better Way - Introducing the Partner Collective

Delivering exceptional marketing solutions has never been more challenging, with more and more channels to consider, growing complexity in targeting specific consumers, deprecation of facts, unprecedented consumer tribalism, unending fraud in programmatic, the introduction of AI, and more. So what's an agency to do?

Agencies have forever used all sorts of outside resources, typically without acknowledging their involvement to clients, as if it were a bad thing or a sign of weakness. As the complexity of delivering services has expanded exponentially, the need for solid, proven outside resources has grown exponentially.

At Model B, leveraging outside resources is a purposeful and overt aspect of our business model. To that end, we curate a group of extraordinary marketing services companies in what we refer to as the Partner Collective. This exceptional group of companies has particular superpowers we know we'll need to help our clients do the best possible work. For example, we have one Partner who uses AI to map the topics of most significant interest to any target segment so we can be precise in relating to them in both messaging and where we place our messages.

These Partners are carefully vetted and sign a mutual NDA, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements to formalize our intention to collaborate. By doing this, we protect our clients' interests, and ours and each Partner's, ensuring the proper legal and operational agreements are in place.

With nearly 40 fantastic marketing services companies in our Partner Collective and more joining every week, we're offering our clients global reach, unique and innovative solutions, and depth of bench, all at no cost until a Partner is engaged. And we never white label them - why would we, their brand and talents are extraordinary and we celebrate them! The combination of our team's brilliance and the incredible talent in our Partner Collective is how Model B can deliver outsized growth for our clients.