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Janet Waring

Thirteen Quick Tips to Turn Uninterested Prospects into Clients

Enjoy this quick read featuring tips from from industry experts on the Forbes Development Council including, Janet Waring, one of our VPs here at Model B.
Janet Waring

How Should A Sales Team Approach A Small Client?

Our very own Vice President, Janet Waring, contributed to the Expert Panel of Forbes Business Development Council on "How Should A Sales Team Approach a Small Client".
Terrell Smith

Mistakes Businesses Make When Using Hashtags

In this day and age, social media is arguably the quickest way to widen your influence and grow your business.
The Pulse

GovCon Marketing: Your Aesthetic Sells

According to SAM.gov, there are 372,619 Active Government Contracting organizations registered to compete for lucrative Federal Government contracts.
Terrell Smith

Five Ways to Help Your SEO Ranking

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of creating purposeful content that drives up your ranking on search engines like Google.
Mark Minicucci

Build Something. Anything.

The people you choose to make a part of your life are of the utmost importance of how your entire universe plays out.
Abtin Buergari

Empathy is the secret weapon for building a great culture

A big place I fell short in my journey has been embracing empathy rather than treating it as a weakness. This realization has been life-altering for me and I felt compelled to share this bit of my life learnings.
Ashtan Moore

Getting Old(er) Is Awesome; Human Interest Compounds, Too

Powerful things happen when you mix a little bit of passion into your professional pursuits. The world can see when you’re paying attention, and it’s a very special thing.
Dan Bender

Writing this Article Cost Me a Million Dollars

18 months ago, I was living the life that was the envy of all my friends. I was working for a retired billionaire, getting paid in the high six figures, and was living with my beautiful family in a gorgeous home on a golf course just outside of Aspen, CO

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