Growing a beloved ecommerce brand by 40% in just one quarter.

Model B helps Schleich increase their top and bottom line by reaching new audiences, improving their media mix and delivering creative insights & optimizations in lightspeed.


Schleich needed to unlock sales growth, despite steadily increasing competition.

Complicating matters, brand recognition was on the decline. With no influx of media budget, increasing brand awareness and product sales would require better targeting, execution and analytics.

Audience Solution

Reach, Convert and Retain New Customers

Blueprint provided real-time insights and actionable recommendations that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Blueprint analyzed existing audience performance and identified new target audiences to prospect against.

All of Schleich’s first-party data was ingested, leading to the creation of 3 brand new audience segments, as well as prescriptive direction on which channels to best reach and convert them.

Content Solution

Creative Analysis and Recommendations

Blueprint analyzed 4 months’ worth of content performance, unearthing the opportunity to focus on carousel and dynamic formats, as well as utilize product line visuals and playful, yet concise, copy combinations.

Also, despite siloed performance data, Blueprint stitched together every historical data point to accurately project the return from a more optimal media program, enabling Schleich to confidently invest ahead of sales performance.




Beating goal by 48%



Lift in ecommerce



Exceeding goal by 50%

Model B’s Blueprint technology helped deliver Schleich the best quarter in company history, posting transformational results.

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