Overcome seasonality
with Bottom of funnel tactics

Providing Nurses & Physician
Assistants with continued
education courses

The Practicing Clinicians Exchange approached us for strategic help in promoting their live and digital educational opportunities. However, we faced an uphill battle — summer. As lives and careers get busy, user interest on social channels drop dramatically, typically leading to higher CPRs.


Decrease in cost
per result


Greater results
than estimated


Decrease in cost per
result within Google
Search Ads


In 2019, the continued medical education (CME) industry was valued at approximately $3 billion. With the rise of home workers during the pandemic, the demand for CME courses exploded. With the healthcare industry expected to grow by $808 billion in 2021, there will be even more healthcare practitioners in the industry who need to meet their required CME course total to maintain their license.

The Big Idea

Recognizing this growth, we drew up a plan to test which channels work best for capturing existing demand within the healthcare industry. Utilizing an omnichannel approach we determined that demand is most present, and economically accessible, through search channels.

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